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Favorite Apartment Decorations



Located in Oxnard, CA, Serenade at Riverpark proudly offers some of the best apartment and community amenities you’ll find. Prepare to be amazed by the comfort and design our apartments in Oxnard, CA boast. From features ranging from modern cabinets, quartz countertops, and stainless steel appliances, each apartment unit offers the best-of-the-best. Looking for even more ways to take your apartment’s design to the next level? We’ve created a list of our favorite apartment designs. 


Art Pieces Everywhere
Some of the easiest decorative pieces to add and complement a space are art pieces. You can find local art that you enjoy or create your own to express your own character. Just add a frame and the piece is immediately transformed into fancy decor. 


Add a Pattern!
Wall decals come in an assortment of patterns you can purchase. These designs are great for creating an accent wall or adding onto furniture to give older pieces a new touch. Decals are easy to remove and are safe to apply on most flat surfaces.


Center Around a Color Scheme
When decorating your home, try to keep your color palette in mind so you can match your furniture and decorations. Already have furniture that doesn’t match so much? Put some throw pillows that match your rug or vice versa. Creating that styled look will elevate your apartment to a home.


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