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5 New Games For Game Night

Is it your turn to host game night? At Serenade at River Park we have all the space you need to play any game at our North Oxnard apartment complex. Our game room amenities include a bowling alley, pool table, and other games! If you want to play games that are less physical, we highly suggest you continue reading to see our top recommendations. 


Jackbox Party Pack

Want to try something new on game night? Check out the Jackbox Party Pack video games to discover endless fun when you get 5 different mini games that can be played with up to 8 players. Jackbox games are very unique and interactive so you and your friends will constantly find entertainment in your own responses or actions. It’s very easy to buy, you can put it on most gaming platforms, and you only need the internet to play.


Everyone probably knows UNO - you match the same color or number cards to race to get rid of your whole hand. However, now you can play UNO with the new customizable wild cards which make the game much more exciting. Make the ultimate punishments by having people draw as many cards as you want! 


Settlers of Catan

Love strategy games? Catan is an ever changing game you can apply multiple strategies to so you never get tired of the concept. In order to play you need 3-4 players and the objective of the game is to get 10 victory points. In order to get victory points you need to collect resources to lay down settlements and cities and buy other development cards that can earn you points as well. 



This is a classic game that is easy to play with multiple people because you can split your party up into two smaller groups. Essentially the rules are for someone to try and get the team to say the right phrase or word without using any “taboo” words. If you’re great at guessing what people mean and can think around clues you’ll enjoy this game!


What Do You Meme?


If you’ve lived on the internet for the past few years, you’d know how popular memes have become. In this game you will see cards with popular meme images that the other players will then caption with text cards. The person who put out the image card will choose which caption was the funniest or most applicable and that caption wins a point! What Do You Meme is always hilarious and relatable, perfect for young adults.


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