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5 Apartment Organization Hacks



This blog is full of apartment organization hacks for everyone trying to make their apartment a little less cluttered!


If you are looking for north Oxnard apartments for rent, Serenade at River Park is the perfect place for you to call “home.” Not only do we offer one, two, and three bedroom apartments with luxury features and spacious floor plans, we also offer resort-style amenities. Our location in north Oxnard is in a prime area full of shopping, dining, and entertainment! 


When choosing to live at Serenade at River Park, we want our residents to live as comfortably as possible. So, we have comprised a list of helpful tips to help keep your apartment tidy and functional. Below you will find 5 apartment organization hacks to bring your apartment space to a new level! 


Raise Your Bed Up With Bed Risers


Raising your bed up with bed risers is an easy solution to create extra space when storing winter clothes in the summer and vise versa. You can also squeeze boxed appliances, small suitcases, and other items that you use less in your day-to-day. Not only will you free up space in your closet, but the raised bed will also create a more open feel to your bedroom. Fun fact: you can also get bed risers that come with USB ports, which come in handy if your wall outlet is blocked by your bed. 


Buy Special Hangers With Levels of Hooks


If you have an attachment to clothes and can't seem to let them go, special hangers with levels of hooks may be the answer for you. These hangers allow you to hang multiple shirts or pairs of pants on one hanger. By doing so, this saves a lot of closet space on your closet rod. 


Use Furniture That Doubles as Storage


Using furniture that doubles as storage is a two-for-one kind of deal! A box seat is storage disguised as a seat. So next time you have a lot of friends over to watch a game your box seat not only will keep your apartment tidy, but keep people from sitting on the floor too! In addition, ottomans and storage benches both have removable tops to store clothes, toys, and other miscellaneous items.  These furniture hacks will make your apartment appear even tidier than it already is! 


Hang Adhesive Floating Shelves


Floating shelves help modernize your walls and allow you to display your favorite accessories. Need more room in your living area? Put a few floating shelves above your couch. Display your favorite succulent, a few books, candles- any mood object. Is your bathroom sink limited in space? Hang floating shelves in your bathroom. Add on some towels, soaps, and jars filled with bathroom necessities to make your bathroom feel more open and airy. Be sure to use shelves with an adhesive backing for easy removal!


Place A Bowl or Tray Near Your Door


If you easily forget or lose things, place a tray or bowl near your door to place keys and wallets so you always know where to look first for them. A decorative tray, a jewelry dish organizer, or a weave bowl will keep your jewelry, keys, and other small items together! These bowls and trays will save you a lot of time searching for those keys when you are heading out the door. 


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